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Corporate structure and artware

W. H. Bosson Limited

W. H. Bossons Limited was the vehicle for the production of the original Bossons plaster and pottery artware.  All of the character wall masks, wall figurines, wildlife figures, wall plaques, and shelf ornaments are under the aegis of W. H. Bossons Limited.

Fraser Art Limited

Fraser Art Ltd. was an associated Bosson manufacturing company that produced the PVc (polyvinylchloride) products.

Briar Rose

The "Briar Rose" models were created by Ray Bossons in February, 1973, during a period of illness and recouperation.  Mr. Bossons decided to make a caricature model of their pet Shetland pony.  From his original idea other similar whimsical animal caricatures were modeled and finished in a soft red tone to resemble rosewood.


The "Ivorex" plaques were originally made by Arthur Osborne of Faversham, England, who died shortly after World War II.

Ray Bossons purchased the assets of the Osborne Company in 1971.  The company was left dormant by W. H. Bossons Ltd. until the introduction of a limited range of plaques, figurines beginning in 1980.

International Bossons Collectors Society

29-19 170th Street

Auburndale, NY 


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