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What are bossons?

Bossons decorative pieces were made by W.H. Bossons, Ltd., of Congleton, England between 1948 and 1996. They include wall masks (heads), animals, barometers, mirrors, thermometers, bookends, lamp bases, pottery figures and much, much more!

More information and photos are available in the 'About Us - Bossons Artware' tab.

President's message

Greetings all and welcome to our unique site that is dedicated to Bossons lovers worldwideWhether you have one or five hundred pieces, you appreciate this art form. We want to share the many different aspects that were offered by the Bossons Company and its many dedicated artists.  Many collectors are mesmerized by the eyes, others by the life like features of the face or the beautiful plaques featuring scenes that we can only imagine.  If you are interested in joining our "family" or just have a question, please feel free to contact me anytime.  I do not have all the answers, but one of our three hundred members probably does. If you have any suggestions or recommendations we would also love to hear from you. So with all that behind us, please feel free to enter this portal under no obligation and I hope to hear from you real soon!

Your friend and fellow collector,

Donna McLernon

Executive Director, IBCS

Bossons UK Meeting

The 13th European Bossons Collectors meeting was held on Saturday, 10th September 2022 from 12-4p at the Astbury Village Hall on the outskirts of Congleton.

the Imagical World of Bossons

Book 1: This book provides an narrative of the development of the W.R. Bossons Company which designed, produced and marketed the renowned character wall masks, figurines, shelf ornaments, Ivorex, Briar Rose and Fraser-Art products. Book I covers information available through 1982. The 9x14 hard cover 238 page book has color photos of over 350 Bossons products.

Book 2:  Book II of the Imagical World of Bossons chronicles discoveries and developments of Bossons products from 1982-1994. With 176 pages and 515 color photograghs, Book II does not repeat nor is it an update of Book I. Rather it is a continuation of the original work. Book II contains an alphabetical index for both Book I and Book II. Collectors should possess both texts to have a complete reference to aid in the quest for Bossons artware. 

Collectors will find the Imagical World of Bossons Book I and Book II invaluable in identifying discontinued Bossons items. Together these two books provide a complete catalogue of Bossons products.

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How can you learn more about Bossons?

  • The Imagical World of Bossons, Book I & 2 (contact us for more information) by Dr. Robert Davis
  • Attend an annual meeting (held in the US and UK)
  • Join IBCS

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